Episode 39: License to Kill

Just when you thought you had enough action.  Here we go blowing up demons, jumping off dams, and walking through walls?  Listen to some of our first and favorite first person shooter video games.

Show Notes

Preshow Discussion

Fallout 4, Book: Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer, Book: Ozma of Oz by Eric Shanower Author Frank Baum, Computer troubles, Legos

Games Discussion

Wolfenstein 3D, Goldeneye, Doom, Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, Doom 2, Battlefield 1942, Perfect Dark, Hexen: Beyond Heretic, Unreal Tournament, Battlefront 2, Tribes, Half-Life, Counterstrike


The real boss of Doom 2

Raven Shield: A demonstration of amazing skill. (Team kill by frag grenade)

Battlefield 1942: Airplane Stunt

Battlefield 1942: Nice Trick


  • Off to Be the Wizard
  • Ozma of Oz
  • Dooms Day Engine (3D Doom/Hexen Engine)

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    James's picture

    I did try to locate the mentioned game play videos, however I seem to have misplaced them.  I may be able to get a copy in a month and the page will be updated once done.

    Golden eye - Jake, Ivan, and I played this all the time. Jake with remote mines was hell. He would toss them and blow them up still in air killing you.
    Half-life - First PC shooter and to this day my most fond memories. We played on dial up again at Jake's and still did well despite having the worst ping on the servers.
    Quake 3 - One of our most played LAN games. We know and played against some nationally ranked players back in the day. Despite all the tips though I still sucked badly.
    Tribes - First real "team" FPS I have ever played.
    Counter Strike beta - I have been playing CS for years and years. but those first days of over powered guns and character models that moved like stop animation will always be one of my favorite memories.
    Serious Sam Franchise - Nothing like hoards of mobs running at you.
    Honorable mentions are of course Wolf: ET, BF 1942, BF:2, UT franchise, and Left for Dead 1 and 2.

    lemonBolt's picture

    In high school, my friend and I would play Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D over dialup modem. We only ever played the shareware versions of the first two but had the full game of Duke Nukem 3D and would spend hours blowing each other up.

    He had this crazy ability to find all of the secret areas in a map and I would usually be running around when a rocket would come at me from the middle of nowhere.

    We also played Shadow Warrior over dialup. Nothing is quite as crazy as seeing the nuke flying right toward you and running as fast as possible to get behind cover.

    JaDe's picture

    One thing that a lot of people didn't know about or just couldn't get the hang of in Golden Eye was strafing. If you used the C buttons you could strafe and it made such a huge difference in your maneuverability. The other trick that allowed me to be so lethal with remote mines was that you could detonate them without switching to the detonator on your watch. I forget the button combination now, but it turned remote mines into an incredibly versatile weapon. One of my greatest Golden Eye moments was when I beat a friend in multiplayer using only remote mines and he could use any weapon he wanted. They were also great because you could lob them over walls or through windows to try and take out campers. Plus their damage would go through walls so in some cases you could kill a player without even seeing them.

    James's picture

    I did managed to get a hold of them and put a few of them up in the show notes.