Episode 41: Saving Throw !

Welcome to the Nostalgiamatic Inn the start of your grand adventure into the realms of middle Nostalgia. Come and join the party leaders James, Darren, and Heath on there adventures ranging from the Pokemon fields of the north to the deserts of Kenshi.
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Show Notes

Games Discussion

Dwarf Fortress, Grand Theft Auto V, Black Desert Online, Kenshi, Earthbound, Golden Sun, Neverwinter Nights, Final Fantasy 6, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,
Mount and Blade: Warband, Chronotrigger, Diablo 2, Knights of The Old Republic, Pokemon


Final Fantasy 6 Opera Scene

Final Fantasy 6 Train Suplex

Legend of Zelda Hey Listen 1 Hour

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Chronotrigger Frogman


    Zombie town in Ocarina of Time


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I played some of Chrono Trigger but I never finished it. I did enjoy the few hours that I was able to play.

I played through all of Golden Sun on the GBA. I absolutely loved that game. One of my favorite parts was combining the Djinn powers to create super powerful attacks. I especially liked the attack animations for those special attacks.

As for Pokemon, I had Red and Yellow and then I also picked up Black a few years ago when that version came out. I remember when I was playing the original trying to convince people that the game was a legit RPG and not some stupid kids game. Anyways, now I play it with my 8 year old daughter. She has White so we can trade Pokemon and battle each other. She loves all things Pokemon now, the show, the game, the card game. She even loves reading books about them.