Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta 2016

Every summer, Final Fantasy Fans and Old School Gamers participate in the Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta. This challenge is intended to be for fun and is done for Child's Play Charity.

Final Fantasy V was released in Japan in 1992 and wasn't brought over to the United States until the playstation era. This game falls between the United States' Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, which were actually the IV and VI games respectively. The first fan made translation appeared roughly around 1997.

The player earns crystals that unlock Jobs (Character Classes) that they can assign their heroes. As the heroes level up those classes, they are able to make use of new abilities.

In the Four Job Fiesta players are permitted to use only one randomly assigned job from each crystal. This can force the player to try new tactics and styles as they make their way through the game.

I will be updating this page as I make my way through the game over the course of the summer. If you love old school rpgs or retro games its a perfect excuse to give the game a play through! We had participants from the community last year and if you'd like to join in be sure to let me know!


Harkening back to my first fiesta run, I got the Monk job class. These fighters are particularly good at taking on the early game enemies. They are unable to use any weapons and fight with their fists. Being unarmed in Final Fantasy V allows the character to strike twice. The hits deal more damage then an unarmed attack from another class. The combined damage is often even higher than a hit from a single weapon and their is also a chance to critical hit on each individual hit. So having all characters at the start of the game hitting twice each made it quite easy to make my way through the early game.

The monks abilities are nothing to brag about. There is a simple self healing one, which can be nice when you don't have a white mage, but since it only targets the character themselves it isn't that useful. The monk class generally has higher hit points and so some of the later abilities can give hit point bonuses.

About the only descent ones are the counter ability, which makes it so the character will get a free attack back when hit by the enemy and the barehanded, which essentially allows you to go unarmed with another class and still retain the strong hitting ability. I tend to use this on my magic users when there isn't any better ability to assign.

White Mage

Again I got lucky and for my second class I was assigned healer white mage. That classification of magic is simply the spells that help heal, cure, or empower your team. The white mage is able to bring back heroes from being knocked out and is a great addition to my team. There downside is that they are a bit low health and can't do much physical damage so as I mentioned, I've assigned them the unarmed ability since their early game weapons don't deal that much damage.

There abilities aren't anything really unique. As you level their job skills, they are able to cast better and more powerful white magic spells. Their final ability is just some additional magic points, so nothing too useful.

The timing on this was good because I was starting to run into enemies that were a bit more complex and I couldn't always just punch away with my monks. Having a white mage (or two for now) means I can keep punching, but if necessary I can cast a group heal.

Black Mage

Another repeat this year with the black mage. Maybe next time I'll have to try a different fiesta modifier. This class uses standard elemental and damage magic and is primarily weak in terms of hit points. They first appeared in the original Final Fantasy and have been a mainstay in subsequent games. Magic in this game is pretty powerful overall so this is an excellent addition.

Black Mages primarily gain levels in Black Magic ability. This means that you can give the ability to cast spells to classes that typically don't cast any magic at all. As you level up the Black Magic ability you gain access to stronger spells. There are six levels of the Black magic ability overall. A black mage gets access to all owned spells, so the ability is only useful on other classes.

The final ability that Black Magic users get is the ability to increase a heroes Magic Points by +30%. This would be a nice little bonus to assign a freelancer, but in the fiesta that isn't an option and would be pretty useless except if I get another magic user. Most likely I won't work too hard to get that ability.


Finally, a job class that I've never been assigned. The Chemist is a pretty unique class that is devoted to making special use of the consumable items like potions and ethers. They naturally have the ability to double the amount of healing that health and magic potions would recover. Chemists are not good at combat however and so this forces me to have them play the role of a healer and assisting character.

Chemists have a few unique abilities that all revolve around items. Drink is the starting ability which allows them to consume special potions that can't be used by other classes. These are primarily buffing items and you can obtain them from various monster's loot. Recover is a heal all spell, which removes negative buffs from the party for no magic cost. Revive will cast Life/Raise on the entire party at no magic cost. These last two are neat abilities, but would take up the one open ability slot, so I don't foresee myself using them. The main ability that you can get is Mix, which allows the player to combine two items for special healing or damaging effects.

There are a lot of possible combinations, some results produce super healing or magic potions, some will cure negative buffs and heal a little hitpoints at the same time, while others are more for offense. Some of those offensive mixes will cause negative buffs on the enemy and others will cast an elemental spell. There are even a couple mixes that result in a failure, which will negatively effect the team.


I completed the final battle easily with my team. The chemist is insanely powerful. Using the mix ability I was able to create a 'dragon power' potion, which gives the character it is used on 20 more levels. So I had Farris, my chemist raise everyone up to about level 80 something. Then she just attacked with herself buffed up and dealt a lot of damage. Bartz was my Monk and wasn't that useful other than damage absorption. Once he got the dragon power potions used on him, he started dealing good damage. Lenna was my black mage, dealing load of damage with her spells and Cara/Krile was my white mage, keeping everyone healed and alive. There was no real problems finishing off ex-death. Unfortunately, the end credits kept glitching out on me so I couldn't assemble my montage of character states like I typically have done in the past.



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