Episode 44: The Annexation of Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Nostalgiamatic podcast with Darren, James, and Heath. Remember to never give up and believe in yourselves because this months episode is about our favorite Kids sports movie.

Show Notes

Games Discussion

Stardew Valley, Stellaris, The Ship

Movie Discussion

The Bad News Bears, The Mighty Ducks, Little Giants, Little Big League, Cool Runnings, The Sandlot, Rudy, Rookie of The Year, Ladybugs

The hockey club was founded in 1993 by The Walt Disney Company as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, a name based on the 1992 film The Mighty Ducks.


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I can't believe you guys didn't mention Angels in the Outfield. Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd, and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's a great example of this style of movie.

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Sandlot was one of my favorite movies growing up. I enjoyed the scenes where they were trying to get the ball back through various contraptions, like the complicated Erector set and the tree-branch pulley. So many good quotes from this movie.

The Big Green was another kids sports movie, this time for soccer. I think they spray painted a goat green.

The Replacements isn't a kids movie, but I couldn't stop thinking about it while I was listening. I think it uses many of the same tropes that were mentioned, especially from Little Giants.

Stellaris game:
I started next to a computer player with advanced technologies, and the exact opposite ethos. So immediately I'm at extreme negative approval from him. it takes him awhile, but then he shows up with a large fleet of destroyers, starts scrapping all of my space stations. I managed to hold out by raising as many defensive armies on all of my planets as I could. He couldn't actually assault my planets to take them. Heath granted me a system to use to build a space station, but the AI immediately discovered where it was, and flew halfway across the galaxy to destroy it. Eventually I couldn't "Decline" the offer for peace anymore, and the game just made me give up, at which point it forced me to be a spectator. Thanks to Heath and James for keeping me alive as long as I was.