Episode 46: Roll of the Die

Roll your stats, pick your class, and fill out your character sheet because this episode we'll be talking about the god father of role playing games, Dungeons & Dragons.

Show Notes

Games Discussion

Firewatch, Skyrim: Special Edition, Stellaris, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Neverwinter Nights


TSR Dungeons and Dragons game TV commercial

Boys React to Girls Playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnDnG)

1984 TSR D&D Role Playing Games Commercial

D&D For Dummies


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    JaDe's picture

    I grew up in a rather religious household and I was not allowed to play D&D. It was all thanks to Jack Chick and his terribly hilarious cartoons. This one in particular. So I didn't play D&D until college.