Episode 3: Toxic Table Hunter

This episode we discuss the board games of our younger youth. Video games are great, but there is still something to be said about the entertainment value of a good board game with close friends or family. Although we all played many of the classics, check out some of the games that could be considered more iconic for the 80s and 90s. Don’t forget to check out the show notes for some extra content.

Show Notes

Games Discussed

Chrono Trigger, Mass Effect 3, Bastion

Monopoly, Dynamite, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Fireball Island,
Grape Escape, Forbidden Bridge, Pizza Party, Guess Who, Shark Attack, Hero
Quest, Key to the Kingdom, Domino Rally Chess, Eat at Ralph's, Crossfire, Dragon Strike, Operation

Shows Discussed

The Real Ghost Busters, Duck Tails, Mega Man, GI Joe, Garfield and Friends


Grape Escape

Forbidden Bridge - This is the game that Darren referred to but could not remember the name.

Shark Attack

James' Hero Quest Evil Wizard

Dragon Strike



Board Game Geek

Fireball Island Commentary and Pictures


Key to the Kingdom
  • If you landed on the same square as another player, you could steal their treasure.
  • The portals Heath referred to were whirlpools, and if you did not get to one in time, you would lose all your treasure.


Shinra000's picture

I remember playing Shark Attack when i was a Kid thanks for the Retarded Memories Bastards T.T

Shinra000's picture

The other game i remember playing alot as a child was Giggle Wiggle with my cousins was a annoying game if i remember right just cause it was always a pain in the Arse to clean up after

James's picture

That reminds me of that little kids game, 'Don't break the Ice', where you'd have to tap out little ice cubes and if knocking out the cube made a figure fall down, you'd lose.  I recall setting that up and then the first hit, my little brother just smashing through them, resulting in a mess and the end of the game.

Also, Jenga... that was a pain to clean up too.
Darren's picture

I had some good times playing Don't Break the Ice.  Instead of playing against someone I would usually just try putting the big piece in different locations and then try to get every last possible ice piece out on my own.

Nostalgiamatic team: I have a lot of fun listening your show! The gamecast that you mentioned in this episode has been quite entertaining to watch too! (I definitely get a good laugh reliving some of those seemingly impossible NES games.) Both shows bring back fond memories of growing up and a smile to my face, thank you guys! :)

Reflecting on this episode, I was reminded of the times whenever I would go to my grandparent's place. My siblings and I would always play The Dukes of Hazzard Game. I don't know why, but this was the coolest game EVER. Basically, you are in a race to get to Uncle Jesse's farm first. There are a lot of different scenarios on each route that slow you down including road blocks, jumps, and cops...Anyway, I was in love with this game but no one I knew back home had ever heard of it before so it was like a family secret growing up.
Other childhood favorites: Life, Don't Spill The Beans, Pit, Battleship, Read My Lips, Scattergories, and Clue.

JaDe's picture

I remember playing chess, Life, and Monopoly a lot when I was a kid. For whatever reason my parents did not buy any of the 80's/90's games you talked about. I remember playing a few of them at friends houses but not very often. I do however remember the commercials very well (especially Crossfire).