Episode 31: Orc Society Simulator

It's that time of the year for frights and scares and this episode we dig up some old skeletons.  Recall with us, these old Halloween episodes from our favorite television shows.  Perhaps we'll cause a slimy old memory to crawl out of your brain.

Show Notes

Games Discussed

Destiny, Factorio, Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis 4, RimWorld, Minecraft, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age 3, Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shows Discussed

Home Improvement, Tiny Toons, Rugrats, Family Matters, Quantum Leap, Invader Zim, Boy Meets World, Futurama, Castle, Roseanne, The Simpsons, Nick or Treat


Family Matters: Steevil & Carlsbad dancing

Boy Meets World 517 And Then There Was Shawn

The Simpsons Season 14 Episode clip from 'Treehouse of Horrors VIII: Send in the Clones'

Nick or Treat Game Shows 1995



James's picture

That isn't what I was thinking of when you talked about Nick or Treat. I'm not sure if I was misremembering or if I saw some other year.  I don't remember specifically what they did, other than they used some sort of video phone and they put a grainy pixelated picture of the kid on the tv while they did whatever game between shows.
JaDe's picture

I remember all of those episodes from the TGIF shows. I especially remember the Boy Meets World episode. Largely because I hadn't seen very many horror movies at the time and I didn't get all of the references to the various horror movie tropes.

As for the Tree House of Horrors, the one that always stuck with me was their rendition of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'. Homer was longing over his lost Lenore/Marge and Bart was the Raven.