Episode 32 :All your base, are belong to us

Put on your punishment hats nostalgimaniacs. The latest episode is coming at you faster then a bowling ball in Back To The Future. This episode join James, Heath, and Darren as we explore the depths of gaming. These are the worst games we have ever played.

Show Notes

Games Discussed

Destiny, Secret of Mana, Burger Time, Ghostbusters, Back to The Future, Indiana Jones, Super Spike Volleyball, Friday The 13th, Bevis and Butthead, Yoshi, Uncanny X-men, South Park(PC)

Movies Discussed

Grand Budapest Hotel, Kirate Kid,


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Circuit Board used in classrooms


The game company Darren mentioned was 'Techno's not 'Taito'

The game James was trying to think of was River City Ransom, not Bad Dudes.