Episode 34: The Golden Age of 2D

Prepare yourself for some glorious sprites and the wonders of Mode 7 as we compile a list of our favorite Super Nintendo games.

Show Notes

Games Discussed

Fallout: New Vegas, GTA V, Super Metroid, King Arthur's World, King Arthur's Gold, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Metal Marines, Super Street Fighter II, Mega Man X, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, Super Mario Kart, FZero, Final Fantasy VI, Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past


Super Metroid Intro

Super Mario World Glitch

Super Street Fighter II Endings Part 1 of 3

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Ochestra Performs Final Fantasy VI



I laughed pretty hard when Darrin refereed to Cappi, it sounded like Cathy.

Also both of Dan Carlin's podcasts are great. Listen to the Wrath of Kahn series and the entire Blue Print For Armageddon. Common Sense is also great if not a little preachy.

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Here are some of the games I spent a lot of time playing:

  • Super Mario World - This was 2D platforming at its best. I still like to go back and play it on occasion.
  • Donkey Kong Country - I found this more difficult than Super Mario World and I remember getting stuck on a lot of the levels. I really had to work at this one. I also remember we bought a new TV during the time I was playing this and the game looked so much better on the new TV.
  • Sim City - Started my love of Sim games and city building games. I also mentioned after the music episode that the music for this game really stuck with me.
  • Mario Kart - Great multi-player fun. I never liked playing as Toad, he was too slow. Bowser and DK where the best.
  • F-Zero - As fun as Mario Kart was, this was the "real" racing game. It was much more technical and I remember spending hours trying to perfect my racing lines through the various circuits. The music was also very memorable.
  • Link to the Past - Still one of the best adventure games of all time. It's not my favorite Zelda game but it's damn close.
  • Harvest Moon - Even when I wasn't playing this I was thinking about better/more efficient ways to lay out my crops. It was a fun mix of story elements and open world play.
  • Populus - I'm not quite sure I ever fully understood this game, but I still had fun playing it. I'm not sure I'd like it very much these days. I don't think it'd hold up like some of the other games on this list.
  • Madden - That's right, the original Madden. Before they started tacking the year onto each iteration. I never play football games anymore but my brother and I played this all the time growing up.
  • Pilot Wings - Just like F-Zero, I spent many hours trying to improve my scores on this game. Although it was later, in Pilot Wings 64, where they really were able to make the game more realistic and more fun.