Episode 35: Rose Tinted Glasses

Put on your light red spectacles because we are taking a trip with James, Darren, and Heath.  This episode we are taking a look at movies/shows from our childhoods, and maybe even a few from our high school days. We are putting them to our high and some say most eloquently refined standards of the A+ star citizens we have become today.

Show Notes

Movies Discussed

3 Ninjas, Little Giants, Gremlins 2, Masters of the Universe, Puff the Magic Dragon, Street Fighter the Movie, TMNT 2, The Matrix, Zoolander, Super Mario Brothers Super Show


3 Ninjas

Little Giants

Gremlins 2

Masters of the Universe

Puff the Magic Dragon [1978]

Street Fighter the Movie

Super Mario Brothers Super Show


The Matrix




JaDe's picture

Surf Ninjas is way better than 3 Ninjas. I still have a copy of it on VHS and I watch it with my kids every once in a while. To me it feels like they got it right in that they never took them selves too serious. The whole movie is absurd and I think quite funny. With 3 Ninjas it felt like they were trying to do Karate Kid with the oldest brother and then the youngest was nothing more than comic relief. Don't get me wrong, I liked both when I was a kid, but 3 Ninjas just doesn't hold up for me.