Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta 2012


Every summer, Final Fantasy Fans and Old School Gamers participate in the Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta.  This challenge is intended to be for fun and is done for Child's Play Charity

Final Fantasy was released in Japan in 1992 and wasn't brought over to the United States until the playstation era.  This game falls between the United States' Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, which were actually the IV and VI games respectively.  The first fan made translation appeared roughly around 1997.

While the game doesn't have the in depth plot or character development you'd find in some of the other games, Final Fantasy V truly has a strong game mechanic unique to it's Super Nintendo sequels.  The player earns crystals that unlock Jobs (Character Classes) that the player can assign their heroes.  As they level up those classes, they are able to make use of new abilities.

In the Four Job Fiesta players are permitted to use only one randomly assigned job from each crystal.  This can force the player to try new tactics and styles as they make their way through the game. 

I (James) will be participating in this event along with a couple other Nostalgamatic friends.  Keep checking back for the latest on our progress and perhaps we can convince you to participate!  The Fiesta starts June 17 (Tokyo Time).  Just leave a comment below with any questions or encouragements.

The Journey

Night 1 - Water, Wind, and Fire Crystals

Night 2 - Burning Books and Grinding in the Desert

Night 3 - World 2 and Running on the Bridge

...and with summer's end fast approaching I kicked it into high gear and rather than broadcasting my play sessions, I took a half hour here and there and slowly made my way to the end. I gained victory on August 26, 2012.

My particular tactic was to use Krile (mystic knight) as my main assaulter.  She was equipped with Hermes Shoes (which gives haste), the Chicken Dagger (with somewhere around 100 Attack), and the Genji Shield.  She had the counter attack ability equipped.  She used an enchanted Break ability on her sword blade to quickly take out the middle bottom part. Then a grueling struggle on the back target with her blade enchanted with silence. Followed by drain alternating on the front two targets. 

Bartz (monk) was the all around fill in the gaps guy.  When I needed a phoenix down, golden needle, quick attack, or elixir, he usually did it the job. He also had a nice amount of hitpoints, so he absorbed some large hits and stayed standing to bring back the others.  Near the end of the battle he was given berserker status from ex-death's Grand Train spell.  This makes you lose control of the character and instead they will just continuously attack their enemies until the end of battle.  This can be a problem because you can't have them use items or other abilities for example.  The one benefit that it does have is a higher attack damage.  So he was dealing out nearly double damage for a bit.

Lenna (bard) was equipped with duel cast, so she was vital to reviving multiple dead teammates in one turn.  She also cured and sang some songs.  Particularly when there were only two targets left, I was able to have her play the Heroes Rime (a spell that you get from playing all the hidden pianos in the game) for some time.  This raises your heroes levels and it added a nice ~ +33% to Krile's and Bartz's attacks.

Faris (red mage) typically was used to revive fallen teamates or use items similar to Bartz.  I did not get her duel cast ability by the time I made it to exdeath.  (I didn't want to spend the time).  She spent most of her time dead or being the target of single kill attacks.  So it is only fitting that she lies face down in the final victory screenshot I took.

Hatchet Hawk also participated. His Job classes were the Blue Mage, Monk, Time Mage, and Geomancer. While he didn't have time to complete the fiesta due to school obligations, it looks like he did put a ton of time into mastering out his assigned classes. Here Are a few screenshots that he submitted where you can see evidence of his mastery and the fact that he beat a bunch of stray cats.


  • @Nostalgiamatica (James)
  • @OrangeGouf (Derek)
  • @handsomeunicorn (HatchetHawk)


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I have just completed the fiesta! Woo, I'm so awesome.
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Hatchet Hawk submitted his update for the fiesta. Check out the screenshots above for the details!