Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta 2013


Every summer, Final Fantasy Fans and Old School Gamers participate in the Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta.  This challenge is intended to be for fun and is done for Child's Play Charity

Final Fantasy V was released in Japan in 1992 and wasn't brought over to the United States until the playstation era.  This game falls between the United States' Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, which were actually the IV and VI games respectively.  The first fan made translation appeared roughly around 1997.

The player earns crystals that unlock Jobs (Character Classes) that they can assign their heroes.  As the heroes level up those classes, they are able to make use of new abilities.

In the Four Job Fiesta players are permitted to use only one randomly assigned job from each crystal.  This can force the player to try new tactics and styles as they make their way through the game. 

I will be updating this page as I make my way through the game over the course of the summer. The fiesta started earlier on Saturday (June 15), but it's not too late to join! If you love old school rpgs or retro games its a perfect excuse to give the game a play through! We had participants from the community last year and if you'd like to join in be sure to let me know!

The Journey


The first job I was assigned was the Knight. A typical standard warrior that can use swords and shields. They also tend to equip the normal metal and heavy armor found in the game. My overall opinion is this class is neutral. They aren't that outstanding or really that impressive, but at the same time they don't have any major draw backs. They are good at dealing damage and taking it. So I am assured at this point to have someone who can take out the bosses and perhaps remain standing when the big hits come.

Knights are able to learn a variety of abilities relating to equipment such as 'swords', 'shields' and 'armor'. This means that after learning those abilities I could give a job class who normally can't equip one of those types of things the ability to do so. Not very useful really, but a possible use would be to assign the shield or armor ability and equip special magic defenses on a specific boss. Like fire defenses when the boss deals lot's of fire attacks. So even then, it would only be temporary.

A little more useful, the knight can learn some team protective abilities such as 'cover' and 'guard'. The former is used to defend weak team mates and the later is used to absorb heavy hits while taking little (or no) damage. Lastly, the Knight can learn the ability to hold their weapon with two hands. This means they sacrifice the ability to hold a shield at the same time, but can deal twice the damage. I suspect I'll be using this for a period of time until I can get something better from one of my future job unlocks.

Black Mage

My second assignment was the Black Mage class. This class uses standard elemental and damage magic and is primarily weak in terms of hit points. They first appeared in the original Final Fantasy and have been a mainstay in subsequent games. I was pretty happy to obtain the black mage because they are capable of casting the strongest of the black magic spell variety.

Black Mages primarily gain levels in Black Magic ability. This means that you can give the ability to cast spells to classes that typically don't cast any magic at all. This may go well with my knight class for battles where the enemy is only weak to magic. As you level up the Black Magic ability you gain access to stronger spells. There are six levels of the Black magic ability overall. A black mage gets access to all owned spells, so the ability is only useful on other classes.

The final ability that Black Magic users get is the ability to increase a heroes Magic Points by +30%. This would be a nice little bonus to assign a freelancer, but in the fiesta that isn't an option and would be pretty useless except if I get another magic user. Most likely I won't work too hard to get that ability.


I was very excited to obtain the Ninja class as my third assignment. They are one of my favorite classes and getting the class strengthened my team considerably. The ninja is primarily a fighter class with a few side abilities. There primary abilities are to throw weapons which can deal large amounts of physical or magical damage and they can also equip a weapon in each hand. This means that they basically get two hits from decent weapons. As a side bonus they have a chance for the 'First Strike' on encounters where the team gets to attack first.

The first unlocked ability of the ninja is Smoke. This basically is a smoke bomb that helps the character escape/run from battle easier. Image is a useful defensive ability where the character is wrapped in multiple copies of themselves. These copies are hit first when the player is attacked physically. This can be pretty useful when fighting enemies that deal large hits on rare occasions. It is pretty satisfying when one of those hits targets your image instead of your heroes.

The ninja also unlocks the previously mentioned First Strike and Throw abilities. Last, and probably one of my favorite, the Dual-Wield ability allows the character to equip two weapons. Giving this to the Knight will be super helpful. Basically two attacks per turn (even though the second one is reduced slightly) will be a great addition. It unfortunately takes quite a bit of time to unlock.

White Mage

My luck this year continued as I was able to get a nice addition to my party, the white mage. While this class isn't anything amazing on its own, they are rather weak, can't deal much damage, or even handle much for weapons, they are able to cast the best healing and support magic in the game. This will allow my now nicely balanced team to outlast long drawn out battles, survive negative status effects, and have additional tools when fighting undead.

Similar to the Black Mage, the abilities gained while leveling the White Mage are purely levels in white magic. There are six levels to gain in total. This will be helpful because once is all said and done, I'll have a couple characters that will be able to provide healing to the team.

Lastly, the White Mage gives a small +10% Magic Points bonus for his final ability. Just like the Black Mage, this ability won't be too useful for the fiesta.

The battle with Ex Death was not too difficult because of my nicely rounded team. The primary difficulty was that my team didn't have large amounts of hitpoints (except for Bartz) and so would get wiped early on. Ex Death is made up of four different targets and by wiping out specific ones, you can reduce his capabilities. Once you bring him down to the last target, all bets are off, as he then can do all forms of attacks. To start, my team focused on the middle bottom target, which cast Amagahst (a powerful damage spell that hits all teammates). It took a few attempts to destroy it, but once done, the rest of him was soon defeated.

I started by having Faris the ninja primarily throwing the sharpest and rarest of my weapons to deal large amounts of damage. Lenna and Cara used their mixed Black and White magic to heal and deal damage as necessary. Often they were spending their time reviving teammates but occasionally got a ultimate Black or White spell in for some bonus damage. Bartz was double equipped with swords, but barely provided much assistance in the damage department. He spent most of his turns riving fallen teammates or removing bad status effects with the stash of items the team had collected throughout the game. Overall the battle was easier than last year, but being a lower level, it wasn't as easy as it could have been.


Community Participating:
  • @Nostalgiamatica (James)
  • @OrangeGouf (Derek)


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I've completed my write up on the classes I have obtained for the Fiesta.  In the coming weeks I'll work my way to the end of the game and provide a final write up.
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My victory write up is complete. Another completed play through!