Episode 15: A Link to the Legend

Join James, Heath, and Darren as they explore unknown lands, collect items, and fight through dungeons with The Legend of Zelda.  We'll take you back to the beginning which is really the end and hope your Mastersword skills are good enough to prevent Ganon's revival.  So grab some Deku Nuts and Hookshot your way over for another adventuresome episode.

Episode 1: Reboot Loot

The 80s may be long gone but they live on in our podcast.  Open your ears to our discussion of when we first got our Nintendo Entertainment Systems and our picks for the best NES games.  You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read, or in this case the games they play.  So we figured this would be the perfect topic for a show opener.   Some choices may surprise you, that is if you don't read the show notes!